Missions Newsletter – May 11, 2019

Hi, everyone!

This is Pastor Nick, and I just want to give you an overview of some of the things that went on with your ministry in the Philippines ins 2018.

Your orphanage

The His Place Children’s Home in Calew is growing, bringing in more abandoned and abused children. Because of the outstanding reputation that the orphanage has, even the Philippine government occasionally brings us a child in need of care. Approximately 50 children presently occupy the orphanage.

Besides living in a safe home, the children are provided three healthy meals per day which none have ever had before. They are also provided a warm shower every day, good clean clothing, education in your Christian school (kindergarten through high school at Blessed His Place Academy), and medical care.   As funds become available we hope to complete the construction of another much-needed dormitory.

Your schools and churches

Blessed His Place Academy is also growing, with approximately 200 children. The school has received awards from the Philippine government for excellence in academic studies.

Many of the students that graduated from BHPA have gone on to college in Baguio City and received teaching degrees, with some even coming back to Calew to teach in the school they were educated in.

Every year in late December our ministry puts on a youth camp for high school and college-age kids. Last December approximately 415 youth from throughout northern Luzon attended.

Your two-year Bible college in Calew graduated almost a dozen pastors last year, with many going back to their respective villages to plant their own churches.

And speaking of new churches, you planted two new churches: one in a village of Karikikan and one in a village of San Lorenzo.

There are many coming to faith and being baptized from the teaching of your pastors in the churches you have planted.


And 2018 would not have been a normal year in the Philippines without at least one typhoon, but this particular one hit closer to Calew than normal. Typhoon Ompong, as reported on CNN, left a lot of death and destruction in an area just 30 miles to the north of us, where a mudslide covered over 80 villagers.

Our area was spared fatalities, but our rice fields were completely destroyed as well as the road in to Calew, thus making it very difficult for emergency food and supplies to be provided.

With your help, we supplied over $5000 for food, clothing, and medical needs, to not only our children in the orphanage but to many of the people in Calew that we minister to.

So there you are family, another year of growth in the Kingdom work in and around Calew to God’s precious people, the Ibaloi.

How can you help?

Should I end this update with something about prayer and financial support? Shame on me if I don’t! I asked over 25 years ago, when I believe God called His Place Church to be on the ground floor of this ministry, and you answered the call then and you’ve answered the call every year since.

So many of you already do support this ministry and have done so for years, and God bless you for your faithfulness. But there might be some who are hearing this for the first time and, after asking God, you might feel He would like for you to do the same. If that’s the case then you can click here for our secure “eGiving” portal. Or if you have questions, you can call me at 360-840-7939.

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