Noah’s Animal Chips

Children from 3 years old through sixth grade are offered “Noah’s Animal Chips” as rewards for righteous acts. The chips can be redeemed at “The Storm Seller” for a variety of Ark-related children’s merchandise.

The Storm Seller! Trade your chips for fun toys

Children can earn chips for the following:

  • If a child brings someone new to the Ark, he receives 1 chip and the new friend receives 5 chips.
  • If a child attends every Sunday in a given month, he receives 1 chip.
  • If a child says his memory verse/password correctly, he receives 1 chip.

Stockpile projects

Additionally, children have a chance to earn lots of extra chips by doing “stockpile projects” at home. These projects are worth 2 chips each and must be verified by the child’s parent. The projects are limited to the following:

  • Praying once a day for one week.
  • Reading the Bible (or having a Bible story read to them) at least 5 minutes a day for one week.
  • Keeping their bedroom clean for one week.

Ask your clubroom leader for a “NAC Sack” to store your children’s chips and to check off their progress on each project.

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