Philippines Mission

Balococ daycare center in about 1995

The first-ever Christian church built in Ibaloi country was completed in the village of Calew in 1993 with help from His Place Missions Pastor Nick Harris and his wife Judy, who were there assisting Pastora Andesa Bautista through YWAM. The church has been upgraded several times over the years to accommodate a growing ministry. Pastora Andesa is herself Ibaloi and is a Bible college graduate. She speaks fluently in many of the numerous Philippine dialects and is often asked to speak at Christian conferences for indigenous tribes.

The His Place Children’s Home (we call the orphanage) is accommodating over 50 children.

The Christian school (Blessed His Place Academy) and daycare centers are government-approved. His Place has fully funded the construction and ongoing operation of the school. We have funded or contributed to the construction, and provide for the operation of the daycare centers located in many of our outreach church locations.

Pastora Andesa Bautista

We have provided for many of the teachers’ college educations, as the school teachers must have a bachelor’s degree and we prefer they be of tribal background if possible. These teachers have done outstanding work in achieving and working toward their degrees. They receive their schooling at universities in Baguio City, the nearest large city to Calew.

These degrees are equivalent to those from universities in the U.S. These scholars are selected for this opportunity by Pastora Andesa from many applicants based on her extensive experience with these indigenous tribes.

His Place has been a part of building eight outreach church buildings; in several locations there are enough believers meeting together as a body to justify building a small church when funds become available.

The Joshua General Bible College in Calew is a two-year program and can accommodate 10 to 16 students. The Bible College is currently free to students and Pastora Andesa selects applicants from a wide range of tribes and locations. She is always looking for students who can return to their home area to expand the ministry. Classes are held in the Calew church and students are housed in the old missions house.

Youth Camp group

The Calew ministry holds two camps each year which are very popular and bring young people from tribal villages over a wide area. The kids’ camp for 5 to 12 year olds is held in April after school graduations and currently brings in over 200 children. The youth camp for 13 to 20+ year olds is especially popular and is held over Christmas week. Well over 200 are now coming to this and there are some who actually walk 8 to 10 hours carrying their gear for a week stay.

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