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At His Place, we limit the number of foreign missions we participate in so as to maximize our impact and involvement. In addition, our primary focus is on “unreached people groups”. As a result we currently have the following ministry projects:


This is our single primary support ministry project and His Place is currently the sole provider of outside funding. It is directed to the Ibaloi, an indigenous tribe who live sparsely throughout the mountains over several provinces in the northern area of the Island of Luzon.

Our ministry support is administered and directed by Pastora Andesa Bautista, an Ibaloi herself and a Bible college graduate. Our own missions pastor Nick Harris and his wife Judy lived with Pastora Andesa and her small band of Christians for nearly a year in 1993, and helped them build the first-ever Christian church among the Ibaloi in the small village of Calew, which is now home base for this ministry.

Pastora Andesa and her small flock of Ibaloi Christians spent years under heavy persecution, but they survived. It was during these early years that His Place decided to financially support this entire ministry.

This commitment has since included: starting a Bible college; building numerous outreach churches throughout the region, with most including a daycare facility; starting a Children’s Home, caring for over 50 orphaned children; and creating a government-approved Christian school with classes for Kindergarten through high school. His Place has also provided substantial assistance for residents and ministry workers with medical & dental expenses in addition to purchasing some rice fields in an effort to help the ministry become more self-supporting.

Once a year, usually in March or April, we try to visit this ministry project for a status review and to encourage our brothers and sisters there. This often includes visits to outreach churches. It is generally a minimum two-week visit and subject to political conditions. There are sometimes opportunities to participate as a member of a small team.

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Southern Mexico

This project is based in a village we call Cofradia (Cofradia de Cuyutlan), which is about a two hour drive south of Mazatlan in the state of Nayarit. Our own His Place missionaries, Jay and Faith Tenbrink with their three children, were based here for many years and worked through the Alternative Missions ministry of Goodyear, Arizona. The Tenbrinks focused on the Cora Indians, an unreached indigenous tribe who are scattered throughout the Sierra Madre mountains east of Cofradia.

In conjunction with the construction plans of Alternative Missions, the Tenbrinks take a His Place work team of between 10 and 30 volunteers to Cofradia in January or February for about 14 days. The journey requires flying into Mazatlan and taking rented buses to Cofradia. During the last 20 years the teams have worked on projects that included churches, home remodels and miscellaneous work on the base camp facility. Some of these projects have been worked on over a period of several years in conjunction with teams from other ministries as scheduled by Alternative Missions.

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